Become an authority through regular content

Become an authority through regular content

Becoming an authority on your business’ subject matter is, in essence, a simple affair. Having more content on your site than your competitors is crucial. We are talking about becoming an authority in Google’s eyes here, by the way.

However, achieving this involves extremely hard work, which is obviously why Stuck On exists. The idea is simple, explaining it is simple, but doing it…well, that is why 99% of sites become also-rans and rely too heavily on SEO factors. When these factors change, positions, traffic and business are sometimes lost. The sites that follow Stuck On principles keep smiling though…

So, to become that authority, riding your way through Google’s algorithmic changes, is the way to look after your business online, rather than leaving it to chance.

As always, good, old-fashioned SEO is always a requirement, and we strongly advocate this, but we have seen some of the best examples of optimisation fall flat on its face because there were only 50 pages on a site.

Content – keep it coming.

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