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Facebook releases new baby book feature


Facebook releases new baby book feature

Social network Facebook recently launched Scrapbook, which will allow proud parents to make collages out of photos of their children.

While many users’ news feeds are already filled with pictures of their offspring, as well as those of their friends, the new feature is designed to store all of the snapshots they find important in one place.

Although anyone under the age of 13 is not supposed to have a Facebook account, Scrapbook is being touted as a way for parents to document their child’s development and memories online. Once the subject of the “modern day baby book” is old enough to have their own profile, the collages can even be gifted to them for their use.

Potentially, this could mean that the next generation of social media users could have had their entire lives documented through the platform, with increased connectivity between families.

The new feature was designed by a product manager at Facebook, Dan Barak. He stated that he had seen many parents uploading pictures of their children and tagging their partners in them. As such, he reportedly realised that people needed a better way to organise these types of photos, which led him to create Scrapbook.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the privacy and safety concerns of the images will be taken seriously, with parents able to choose who they share the collages with. It was also claimed that only guardians with access to Scrapbook will be able to post and tag pictures.

While currently only being trialled in the United States, it may not be long before the application becomes available to international users.

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