Brits are smartphone crazy, says study

Brits are smartphone crazy, says study

According to recent research conducted by Deloitte, Great Britain is addicted to smartphones, with statistics revealing that a third of UK users check their devices within five minutes of waking up.

The company’s study, which analysed the mobile habits of UK citizens, reveals that smartphone users have got into a morning routine that begins with checking for messages and emails, and scrolling through social media news feeds before they even get out of bed.

Following this daily regimen, the study also suggested that people cannot resist the urge to continue checking their phones throughout the day, with some unable to leave them alone; one in six browse their mobile devices over 50 times in a day.

The statistics were broken down into categories, showing that those aged between 18 and 24 are the most addicted, with the average user checking their device 53 times a day; 13% of this category looked at their smartphones more than 100 times per day.

In comparison, those in the 65-75 age range are believed to check these devices on average 13 times a day, with 56% of this figure checking fewer than 10 times.

The lead telecoms partner of Deloitte, Ed Marsden, has highlighted how some users have acknowledged their addiction and have decided to “undergo a digital detox”. He also points out that there are digital detox camps in the UK, where people can go to extreme lengths and:

“[…] surrender their phones and experience life off the grid.”

Despite this addiction, the company also revealed that the number of apps downloaded is in decline, with the average user installing 1.82 apps a month, compared to 2.32 in 2013.

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