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LinkedIn announces tool for recruiters

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LinkedIn announces tool for recruiters

Premier online business networking platform, LinkedIn, has announced improvements to its site that are designed to make life for a hiring manager much easier.

The site has announced ‘Referrals’, an expansion of its current functionality that makes it much easier for users to recommend their 1st degree connections for job openings at their place of work.

Due to go live on November 1st, the service will cost companies around $12 (£7.80) per year, and according to a LinkedIn spokesman, will make finding a qualified, interested candidate for a job much less of a hassle. Eddie Vivas, the company’s Head of Talent Solutions, wrote in a blog post:

“I’m thrilled to introduce LinkedIn Referrals – our brand new referrals product that makes it dead simple for employees to make quality referrals, and helps you unlock your employees’ networks to hire the best talent faster.”

According to research conducted by the company, around 80% of hiring managers think that a referral is the best method of recruiting a suitable candidate, but the process is a little awkward.

From now on, their job should be a little easier. Subscribers to the tool will know which of their 1st degree connections are a fit for any job, and sends a summary of these connections to employees. In turn, these employees are encouraged to engage with these connections via the site’s InMail messaging system.

LinkedIn also previewed its ‘Recruiter’ tool, which it hopes will make it easier and quicker to find qualified, interested candidates for a job. However, this product will roll out by the end of Q1 2016.

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