Why do you need content on your website?

Why do you need content on your website?

Many SEO companies and search engine optimisation professionals are waking up to the benefits of content for their clients’ websites, but for those who haven’t yet been converted; why do you need content on your website?

Regular content means higher search engine rankings!

There’s obviously more to it than this, but this is basically true. The more content you add to your website (so long as it is relevant) the more regularly your website will be indexed by Google. If your website is indexed regularly and found to have high quality, relevant content, it will perform better in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Quality content means more links to your website!

Again, this is 100% true. If you keep adding good quality content that is useful for readers, and entertaining, then you will attract links naturally from people who find your content through Google. There’s no need to pay for links when your content can provide the links you need.

Higher rankings means more traffic, enquiries and sales!

More traffic for sure, but more enquiries and sales are down to your website, the design, the copy, the products/services and the prices.

Content is a vital part of any successful SEO strategy!

Without content you’re only scraping the surface on what rankings you could achieve with an SEO campaign. You can optimise your website all you want, but it’s the content that gives Google the reason to rank your website highly, not SEO.

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