What constitutes ‘quality’ SEO content?

What constitutes ‘quality’ SEO content?

If you’re working on the search engine optimisation of your site, you’re likely to be pressured for fresh content. Fresh content is necessary if you want to catch the eye of the search engines, but how do you get it? And when you have it, how do you know it’s going to be right for your site?

Most businesses are opting to seek professional assistance for their site’s content. Most business owners also know how to recognise good writing when they read it. All the same, a significant amount of sloppy writing seems to make it through. Here’s what your site should be featuring as part of your search engine optimisation:

  • No machine authors. Lots of sites use writing software to churn out keyword-rich content. The trouble with this is that it reads like machine-written content. This is bad for readers, and bad for SEO. The search engines will pick up on the lack of quality, and your website will suffer in the rankings as a consequence.
  • Unique articles. A lot of content on the internet is simply copied from somewhere else. If an article reminds you of something you read yesterday, it’s probably going to bore your site users. Strive for a unique take on the subject when you can.
  • Interest. Content isn’t just there for the search engines. Your site’s users can help boost your ranking by returning and remaining on your site, linking to pages on your site and sharing them with their friends. Interesting content tends to draw people back.
  • Optimisation. All content on your site should be optimised, with keywords that fit your plan. Don’t forget to hyperlink to other pages on your site as well, increasing your internal link strength.

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