Zuckerberg would ‘love’ to work with Google

Posted on March 3, 2015


At a recent speech in Spain, the founder of Facebook stated that he has not ruled out the possibility of working with search engine Google to bring internet access to developing nations.

Mark Zuckerberg was giving the keynote presentation at Mobile World Congress, which was being held in Barcelona, when he was asked his opinion on working with the search firm. The speech – for which he was joined by mobile operators Airtel Africa, Millicomm, and Telenor – focused upon the need for connecting countries to the internet that at the moment have little or no web access.

To this end, Facebook had launched its Internet.org initiative in 2013, which aims to provide the general public, as well as businesses, with ways to get online. This would help not only companies in the developing nations to gain access to new markets, products and services, but also allow for the growth of high-tech industries, including internet marketing and web design firms.

Google, on the other hand, has Project Loon, which is trying to spread Internet access to hard-to-reach regions via a series of high-altitude balloons. These, when in position, can provide wireless networks.

Upon being asked if the Facebook and Google initiatives could work together towards their common aim of giving developing countries better access to the internet, Zuckerberg responded that he would “love” to be able to work with the search engine giant. He added that Google Search was “an important product” that can help people around the world.

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