Zombie posts and killer content

Zombie posts and killer content

Zombie content walks the webWhat’s the one thing you really want your website’s content to do? Well, initially you want it to keep your readers on your pages, attract new readers from the SERPs and spread the word about your business. Once the initial bloom has worn off, though, what you really want your content to do is live forever.

A good piece of content should be like a zombie. Okay, this may not be the most flattering of descriptions, but really good content acts more like a zombie than a god or other form of long-living being. Good content should not only live on, but go out there and infect other sites with enthusiasm about your company. It should travel by itself, moving through the Internet on its own momentum, without need of your intervention. For SEO success, websites need the Internet equivalent of a horde of shuffling, dependable little creatures of the night.

There is a catch, though. The only way for a piece of SEO content to do this is not to act like a zombie. Zombies are renowned for their absolute lack of thinking, their slow, shambling gait, their utter lack of distinction from their fellows. Good content, on the other hand, must be unique, must be ahead of the crowd, and must have a certain level of inventive thinking behind it.

When composing content, think of the long term. Content shouldn’t just live for a day. To be really worth your while, your content for search engine optimisation should live forever.

To do that, you need to use your brains… brains… BRAINS!

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