YouTube to become TV network service

YouTube to become TV network service

Google has announced plans to create a TV network using YouTube. The network would provide around 20 channels including comedy, news and sport. The network will also feature programmes which are created and filmed by the site.

Google will spend in the region of $600 million to create the TV network, which has caused concern among traditional TV broadcasters. Although broadcasters are concerned about the possible loss of viewers and advertisers, the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt has said:

“Actually our intent is the opposite. We seek to support the content industry by providing an open platform for the next generation of TV to evolve, the same way Android (the phone system owned by Google) is an open platform for the next generation of mobile.”

British film makers would normally be looking for work in one of the commercial channels or the BBC. The National Film and Television school will be sponsored by Google

“to help provide a platform for Britain’s emerging film and television programme makers.”

Google is the dominant force behind the search engines with a business worth $200 billion, and traditional broadcasters will naturally be concerned as Google step into the realms of TV broadcasting. Now YouTube will feature alongside the television in homes all over the world, allowing users to watch the Internet and the TV simultaneously. Google are continuously moving into new areas, with new developments in technology. This is one of the reasons why Google features strongly in search engine optimisation and the SEO campaign of a business.

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