YouTube for the classroom, according to Google

YouTube for the classroom, according to Google

A new service has been launched by Google, called YouTube for Schools. Videos that have educational value will be produced for use in schools. Although the new service is a good idea, schools may find that they need to alter their filters to enable access to YouTube.

Schools usually have filters in place to prevent access to pornography and other inappropriate content. However, the filters also prevent access to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. It has been suggested that allowing access to social media sites while in school could be incorporated into education. Carrying out a search for the term “Facebook education” will provide a list of ways that social media can help in the classroom. Projects like practicing a foreign language, discussions surrounding the world of politics, keeping up with current affairs and more are suggested when you currently type “100 Ways you should be using Facebook in your classroom” into Google.

Pupils use technology and social media while away from the school environment, which is perhaps why Google has created the new service for schools. Resources are provided, including PBS, UC Berkeley, Smithsonian Institution and Kahn Academy educational films. Tips are also provided for teachers considering the use of YouTube in school.

Google makes it possible to find all kinds of information on the web, which is why it is crucial for all businesses to create a search engine optimisation campaign which will place the company at the top of the search results, whether in Chester or Scotland, for relevant results. No doubt 2012 will present a number of new opportunities online.

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