YouTube and Dreamworks to co-create new daily show

YouTube and Dreamworks to co-create new daily show

Online video giant YouTube is teaming up with Dreamworks Animation – the U.S. studio behind family blockbusters like Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon – to create a series of daily shows.

Called YouTube Nation, the programme will provide the latest news on the content being uploaded, including a five-minute segment that outlines what is currently popular on the Google-owned streaming service.

While the new show will, according to The Los Angeles Times, be the first time YouTube has partnered up with a major studio in such a deal, this is not the first time YouTube has sought to launch a daily show.

Back in 2008, YouTube collaborated with television company Embassy Row to produce Poptub, but the programme failed to take off.

Today, YouTube serves as one of the most powerful tools for website marketing specialists looking to make an impact. With an estimated six billion video views every month, the video streaming service boasts a tremendous number of daily visitors, meaning promotional videos can go a long way towards directing web traffic back to a main site.

Additionally, official statistics from YouTube show that almost half (40%) of its visitors now access its services via a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, highlighting the importance for brands to adopt a responsive approach when it comes to webdesign.

Writing in Variety, Andrew Wallenstein – the magazine’s editor-in-chief of digital – referenced sources that suggest the show will be launched before the end of January.

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