Your website doesn’t have to be The Matrix

Posted on November 15, 2010


There’s no doubt about it, The Matrix is a cool film. You might not like the plot or be in love with the characters, and you might think the script is just a collection of words thrown together without any thought for what they actually mean, but you can’t argue that there aren’t any cool sequences in the pre-millennium blockbuster.

Guess what? Your website shouldn’t try to be The Matrix.

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix (1999)

Not many site owners would place ‘be like The Matrix‘ on their list of requirements for their website, but it’s surprising how many end up achieving this effect regardless. Their web designers get enthusiastic about the latest technologies, the site owners get all excited about how good their website is going to look and, before you know it, they’ve created the Internet equivalent of Keanu Reeves‘ funky bullet-dodging movie. In other words, something that looks über-cool, but won’t actually be of any help to the average person.

Websites need to be usable. Matrix-type websites tend to look great in the design studio, but on the net they’re slow to download and impossible to use. They’re also terrible for SEO, as anyone involved in SEO will tell you.

When designing your website, it’s really important to think about usability issues. Although most companies don’t consider search engine optimisation before the site is launched, making sure your site can be used at least gets you off to a good start. Taking care of usability right from the start removes some of the SEO roadblocks.

The Matrix makes good watching, but it makes for a terrible website. Go for practicality and usability over cool sci-fi moves in your website’s design.

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