Your Entourage on the web

Your Entourage on the web

If you were at a party and one of your friends arrived towing their PR agent along as part of their entourage, you’d think they’d gone crazy. Your normal social environment is not likely to be Hollywood, and public relations agents aren’t usually needed when on a night out in Chester. On the web, however, and taking SEO into account, having a superstar mindset isn’t such a bad thing.

Do you need an entourage in Chester?
Do you need an entourage in Chester?

Those pursuing SEO careers do sometimes have to act as the public relations agents for their clients, at least in some ways. This isn’t because they have a secret desire to change fields, but because an awareness of your online reputation can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Help manage reputation issues before they begin by generating positive content around the net
  • Distribute your brand name in relevant areas
  • Connect brand name to keywords
  • Generate free inbound links

…The list goes on. Regardless of the size of your site, and regardless of the way you generate profit, being mindful of your reputation around the net can bring both business rewards and boost your search engine optimisation.

This doesn’t, however, mean you have to go out and hire a PR agent for your business. If you’re consulting an SEO firm, your consultant should look at reputation management as part of the work required. You can aid the process by keeping an eye out for your own interests whenever you’re out and about on the net.

When you walk into an Internet party, make sure your metaphorical PR agent is on your shoulder. It’s good SEO and good business.

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