You can now filter Google News for good and bad news

You can now filter Google News for good and bad news

Stressed out by news of the Ukraine invasion? Sick and tired of political bickering? Worn down by rising energy prices and the cost of living?

Alternatively, maybe you’re somebody with a perverse love of miserable goings-on in the world who wants to strip what little joy there is out of the news and focus solely on tragedy and disaster?

Either way, never fear – Google News has introduced a brand-new filter that allows users to see only positive or negative news.

By clicking the dropdown box next to their search term, users can now toggle the “Tone” of their results between “Positive” and “Negative”, meaning it is possible to find nothing but feelgood stories.

We gave it a whirl this morning and among the Positive results for a search for “UK news” were:

– a cinema handing out free popcorn to the homeless
– a child’s picture of a pink unicorn selling at auction for £250,000, raising money for several children’s charities
– a digital marketing company playing a mildly amusing and harmless joke on its followers

Sadly, a search for “Brexit” brought up no results at all with the Positive filter switched on, however.

Why not head over to Google News for yourself and give it a try, letting us know whether you selected Positive or Negative news? All that remains is for Google to introduce a filter for news that’s completely made up, we suppose!

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John works for Engage Web as a Content Team Leader and regularly contributes to the website and programmes of his beloved Chester F.C.
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