Yosemite Spam and his extra spam

Posted on February 7, 2011


Yosemite SamWouldn’t it be great if spam were as obvious as old-school Warner Bros cartoon character, Yosemite Sam? If spam had the mentally alarming equivalent of a short, red-moustachioed, pistol-waving Southern lunatic, the jobs of many site owners would be much easier.

Or, perhaps, it would be better if text with spammy inclinations could be indicated by Monty Python‘s ‘Spam‘ song. A chorus of voices yelling ‘spam, spam, spam, spam,’ would be a really solid indication that a piece of text contains too many keywords for the search engines’ tolerance.

Unfortunately, neither of these things happens with spammy content. This makes it hard to spot pieces of content that may be bad for your website, and your SEO plan.

Lots of site owners are buying content as part of their search engine optimisation strategy. This can be a smart move, as content writing is one of those SEO jobs best left to a professional. However, not every web writer is skilled at slotting keywords into content, and this results in poor-quality, spammy text. When this happens, site owners really need to hear the words, ‘spam, spam, spam, spam,’ ringing in their heads, as a kind of spam-detector.

Someone, one day, might write up a program that blasts out the Spam song while a small animation shoots up your screen. Until then, if you’re a site owner, you’re going to need to learn how to spot potential spam content that’s up for consideration for your site. Read content carefully and, if in doubt about the keyword density, remove a few.

Failing that, leave your web copywriting to the experts.

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