Yet another acronym in the world of SEO

Posted on June 26, 2011


As soon as you set foot in the world of search engine optimisation, you’re faced with wall to wall acronyms. No one could ever accuse optimisation experts of saying something in full when a handy-dandy little string of letters would do. Perhaps it began with the shortening to SEO, or perhaps not. In any case, acronyms are here to stay.

If there’s something important to do with SEO, you can guarantee there’s an acronym for it. Such a one is QDF.

QDF stands for ‘query deserves freshness,’ a phrase that search engine optimisation experts are all familiar with. Let’s face it, ‘query deserves freshness’ is a ridiculous phrase. However, it’s one that you need to be aware of.

The essential idea behind QDF is topic trending. When a topic becomes hot, Google puts aside part of its acronym to push forward new results which may not have the clout usually required. QDF keywords live fast and die young.

Why is QDF valuable for SEO? While most SEO strategies require a lot of time and patience, QDF-relevant queries pull content to the top incredibly swiftly. Because they’re the sort of searches that require constant, new information, pages get pulled to the top. If you manage to hit the right topic at the right time, you can get a lot of coverage.

Surely there’s a down side? Of course there is. QDF isn’t a permanent solution. Hitting hot topics isn’t possible all the time. SEO strategies are still necessary. It’s good to be able to add another acronym to your list, though.

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