Yahoo goes green with hydroelectric energy

Yahoo goes green with hydroelectric energy

It seems everyone is in to saving the planet and saving energy these days, and Yahoo is no exception. The search engine giant is set to go green with a new hydroelectric powered data centre, powered by none other than Niagara Falls.

The new data centre for Yahoo is to be opened in the west of New York, and will receive most of its power from the world famous landmark.

Work is set to begin on the new data centre later this summer, in August, and it should be completed early next year in May. The 170ft high landmark, Niagara Falls, will power the new data centre making it one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world.

With Niagara Falls powering the data centre, Yahoo’s new data centre will be able to use almost 90% of the power to run its servers. Most data centres use just 50% of their power on the servers, while the rest of the power is used to power the building and keep it cool.

The new Yahoo data centre will be called the Yahoo Computing Coop because it looks remarkably like a chicken coop.

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