Writing web content with visitors in mind

Writing web content with visitors in mind

The best content writers help a website to succeed by prioritising the requirements of visitors. Too often the businesses behind sites are so keen to present the information that they consider important for their own needs that it becomes quite difficult for visitors to find what they want. Even worse, sometimes the content most relevant for users is completely absent from a site. It can be off-putting for visitors when they are confronted by a homepage that seems to contain nothing more than proud boasts about the greatness of a company, with nothing to say regarding how the business might relate to them personally.

Industry jargon is one of the styles of writing that are better avoided, as it can alienate readers. Clarity is especially crucial for links and headings and, in order to help visitors find the content they are looking for, any text used in navigation should be carefully chosen to minimise confusion. Using phrases that match the search terms used by people arriving at a site increases the likelihood of content being written in language that they understand and associate with the services or products offered. Of course, it also helps others to find the site for the first time when these terms are used as keywords.

An experienced UK copywriter will be able to create the right kind of content to meet visitors’ needs. This means a finished website will be easy to use, with relevant information placed to the fore rather than buried behind too much corporate lingo.

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