Writing the same content over and over again!

Posted on June 10, 2009


You might ask yourself what’s the point in featuring regular updates on your website if your website’s topic is very limited. All you would be doing is regurgitating the same information, just in different ways. After all, if your website sells flooring, there are only so many ways you can discuss the benefits of laminate!

That’s just the point though. If you fill your website with regularly updated content surrounding your industry and immerse your website with information about your industry, your website will become a resource for that industry. A five page website about laminate flooring with less than 1,000 words on the entire website won’t be as well placed to rank well in Google as a 500 page website that features 200+ words on each of those pages about your industry.

Google wants to give its users information in response to their queries, make your website rich with that information.

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