Writing guest posts

Writing guest posts

If you’re an avid reader of different blogs across the Internet you will have probably come across something called the ‘guest blog’ at some point. Guest blogs are written by people on other people’s blogs. They are usually only written on popular blogs, blogs that have a very high readership.

Guest blogs are popular, and work as advertising mediums, for both the blogger and the owner of the blog.

The blog owner receives a free blog post for their website, one that is usually of a very high standard and of a different tone to their usual posts. This free content is excellent for visitors and search engines alike.

The guest blogger themselves get to advertise their blogging style, writing ability and their own blog to the readership of a different blog. This will gain more recognition for them and potentially more traffic for their own website.

It’s important with guest blogs however that the two bloggers who are sharing their blogging skills are relevant to each other. For example, two Internet marketing bloggers would complement each other’s sites well, but a blog about football would not on a cookery website.

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