Writing for all the senses

Writing for all the senses

Some SEO copywriting can have a tendency towards being sterile. Even though the grammar and punctuation may be carefully correct, and the ideas sound, the overall effect is like being locked inside a white, featureless room with the author droning on, without even a small window connecting to the outside world.

The missing features are those which we encounter in normal life through the senses of smell, taste, touch, and vision. Writing usually appeals to the ears in an abstract way, as the writer’s ‘voice’ can usually be heard, but as far as the rest of sensation goes, the experience of reading all too often resembles being told a few facts while trapped inside a padded cell.

Luckily, it is a lot easier to escape from this prison than it would be in real life. There is no need to wait for brave rescuers to arrive with keys and overpower the guards. All it takes to change the scene completely is for the writer to include information for all five senses and suddenly the bare white room is transformed.

Sunlight is streaming in through an open window and spilling into a patch on the floor. Stepping into the light, it feels warm. A lawnmower outside whines past and the scent of freshly-cut grass stalks wafts in. Researchers have found that when we read parts of our brains are stimulated as they would be if we were experiencing things for real. The best UK copywriting appeals to every sense, creating vivid and appealing content which makes web campaigns come alive.

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