Writing content for the homepage of a website

Writing content for the homepage of a website

As it is often the first thing that visitors see, the homepage of a website is incredibly important, and can be a writing challenge even for professional SEO copywriters. Why then, in so many cases, does it appear to be drowning in marketing jargon, seemingly placed there to please the business behind the site rather than potential visitors?

Serving the needs of the company may please the boss, but it does nothing to help visitors who may arrive at the homepage of a website in a state of some confusion. They need to know if they are in the right place, and if venturing further into the site is going to help meet their needs. Being confronted by a wall of text boasting about the company’s awards, successes and general greatness is less helpful than being reassured, in clear language, that the website can indeed offer a required service or product.

Visitors might still run away in fear unless there is also some clear and obvious text explaining how to navigate from the homepage deeper into the site. An experienced content writer would write useful link text, leaving people in no doubt about where they would be taken should they choose to click on it.

A barrage of information is off-putting, and probably unnecessary, so it is wise to keep the homepage as lean as possible, focusing on what is relevant for visitors who have just arrived and need to know more, but not too much more, and incorporating some of the keywords they may have used to reach the site.

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