Writing content for Article Submissions

Writing content for Article Submissions

One of the ways you can use content, besides using it for news and articles on your own website, is for creating article submissions for submitting to article directory websites. There are literally hundreds and thousands of different article directory websites, some more useful than others, and when you submit articles to them you’re able to raise awareness for your own website and services while generating links back to your website.

Of course, because there are so many article directory websites when you submit content to them you are generating duplicate content across those websites, so it’s important that you don’t use the same articles on your own website! You need to write specific articles for the article submission sites, catering to their rules and guidelines.

Most article directories have rules on article length, with some requiring 200 words minimum, some a lot more. Some also have rules on keyword density, use of links with the articles and whether you’ve added the article elsewhere under a different name.

Writing articles for article submissions is a tricky business, and is slightly different to writing content for your own website. If you know how to write them and where to submit them you can find that it’s highly worthwhile doing it.

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