Write reviews and receive links and comments

Write reviews and receive links and comments

One of the most effective forms of content on the Internet is reviews. Whether you’re looking to book a holiday, buy a car or buy a DVD, you’ll often tend to read reviews first to see what you’re getting yourself in for. This means that people often search Google for the products and/or services that they’re looking for, followed by the word ‘reviews’.

How does this help you in your content writing and SEO efforts? Simple; if you write reviews on your website you’re more likely to receive traffic from Google. Now, we’re not suggesting that you review your own products and services. This wouldn’t work at all because the reviews wouldn’t be impartial and your website visitors wouldn’t believe them.

No, instead you should review things that related to your business. For example, if you’re a design agency you could write reviews of design software, programs or even design books and magazines. You would receive traffic from people looking for help on the subject, and subsequently comments and links if your reviews are good enough.

If your business is catering, you could review different suppliers for food, or different pieces of catering equipment. There will always be relevant reviews that you can write for your website.

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