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    Internet marketing has been around long enough that it should be as easy as ‘insert tab A into slot B’. It’s both fortunate and unfortunate that it isn’t that simple. For Wrexham businesses, caught between the Welsh mountains and neighbouring Cheshire, the need for an individual approach to the net is a definite mark on the positive side. While a great internet marketing campaign may take a little more planning, the options available mean that a business owner can tailor their marketing campaign, promoting their Wrexham business across the net in the absolute best, most effective way possible.

    It all begins with the website

    Trying to reach national markets from the north of Wales presents its own particular set of challenges. A good website makes things much, much easier.

    Most business owners are aware that a website is essential, but many don’t know exactly why. When a website forms the foundation for a business’ online campaign, it is vital that the site is ready for a wide range of uses.

    Being ready means the right web design needs to be in place. Good web design should take into account the needs of search engines and an SEO company should ideally be consulted during the design stage. Add to this great content and an engagement with social media, and a website is off to an excellent start.

    SEO – the only way to go

    Once a business has a good website on board, it needs to extend its reach. Search engine optimisation is the next step. By consulting an SEO professional, a business can boost its website’s presence in Google searches, meaning that customers come to it first when looking within the industry.

    Search engine optimization is about more than Google, though. A good SEO company can ensure a business’ website gets general local coverage, making sure its reach within Wrexham county is increased, as well as helping to establish a presence within social media to help with its long-term goals.

    Adding a pay per click campaign

    PPC is another option worth considering, particularly for businesses looking for a quick traffic boost. Many companies avoid PPC because it is outwardly complicated, but the gains can be enormous. With the right keyword on board, a pay per click campaign can present a great return on investment, and can be particularly effective when combined with an ongoing search engine optimisation campaign. The confusing side of PPC can be handled easily by consulting professionals like our team at Engage Web.

    Reaching out nationally from Wrexham

    There’s no doubt that operating a UK-wide business from North Wales is a challenging prospect, but with the right SEO, PPC and other internet marketing techniques in place, a Wrexham business’ reach can be extremely broad.

    With UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Pontycysyllte canal boat aqueduct dotted about the landscape, Wrexham is an undeniably beautiful place to do business. When their internet marketing campaigns work well, Wrexham businesses can enjoy the beauties of Wales, while having the ease of access to the rest of the UK and Europe enjoyed by any London firm.

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