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UK Land Investors

UK Land Investors (UKLI) came to Engage Web for a fresh new website.

They came to us with a lot of great content up the sleeve, including an array of high-quality photos of finished properties and renderings of ongoing projects. With such an abundance of quality imagery, it was essential to take advantage of it and make a visual impact on the front page with the design. With the property conversions UKLI undertakes, focusing on the transformations was also key, and we used the ‘before and after’ approach for any buildings that had relevant images. Colour-wise, the scheme was chosen to represent the core of their business – investing in land and buildings. The green also represents ‘growth’ and ‘proceed’ – two words that fit well with UKLI’s whole approach to business.

Within the written content, it was important to UKLI that the text reflected the fact that they are down-to-earth people who aren’t in the property investment business for the flash lifestyle – they genuinely care about supporting the community and local charities. Emphasising security, trust and credibility was also a key focus.

The end result is a highly visual, engaging site that shows off what UKLI can do with properties and welcomes in the reader with friendly, approachable web copy.

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