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TrustedLand had a clear branding guideline, with their main colours and fonts already decided by the time they had approached us. We created a website with these guidelines in mind and structured the layout to emphasise the main unique selling points (USPs) of the company.

The TrustedLand team was really keen on having a visually pleasing, almost portfolio-like website but wanted the company’s own imagery to be the centre of the design. High-quality computer-generated imagery (CGI) is featured on almost all pages that showcase their projects.

When it comes to the colours, the site features two different shades of blue, contrasting well with the mainly white background. To distinguish and clearly divide the sections, we have created custom headings that add some much-needed depth on the site. Entrance animations are used to some extent – just enough to guide the visitors on the page but not feel intrusive. More prominent is the use of interactive animations like a combination of zoom and underline effects on the services and blog sections, which integrate well with the clean design throughout.

The unique business model meant it was important to highlight the benefits of the service for all parties involved, from land agents to developers to tradespeople. Through the content, we wanted to really draw attention to fairness and transparency, while also emphasising that TrustedLand could deliver a win-win situation for everyone, as well as managing the land buying and selling process from start to finish. The slogan “all under one roof” appears on the home page, perfectly encapsulating this essence while also tying in with the theme of the property sector.

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