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TEDx Northwich

TED and TEDx’s strict branding guidelines had to be brought into consideration when designing this new website. Working with set colours and fonts, we’ve used animation and an interesting layout to emphasise and differentiate this site from other TED-related ones.

The homepage welcomes visitors with a slider of images that have a zooming-in animation effect on them (called the Ken Burns effect).

Paired with the large heading and brand colours, this helps to highlight the instantly recognisable brand and set the tone.

As visitors scroll further down, there is an easily editable gallery showing the latest talks. The style and animation here make it one of the most eye-catching sections on the site.

The custom graphics involving the photos clipped to an X shape are also dotted throughout the whole site as a way of tasteful branding the pages.

As TEDx Northwich is active on Instagram, we have included their Instagram feed on the website, which shows their 5 latest posts, providing visitors with an extra reason to visit the website or learn more about the company. The blogposts also help with the homepage, showing the 3 latest ones.
The website contains an easily editable team member and speaker profile system, which was set up so the client can update and display their team members/speaker automatically on the website.

In terms of content, language is used in the site to distinguish TEDx Northwich’s individual character and personality within the TEDx brand. TED and TEDx also provides some content that’s necessary to include on all the partner-sites – this was added straight under the title for new visitors who might not be fully aware.

Finally, we have created a system for handling the applications all within the site, so all details that are sent in are available and filterable on the site backend, making it easier to keep track of who applied to speak on the TEDx Northwich stage.

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