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Speedy House Buyers

Speedy House Buyers is designed as a website that portrays a professional image but without a cold and corporate feel to it. The company deals with people who are in a position of financial pressure, so the branding and design of their marketing needed to come across as friendly, trustworthy and approachable.

We used illustration for this reason, with a bright orange and blue for the logo, avoiding colours like red that could signify panic and negativity. Hills and clouds are used to illustrate the ease of selling a property through Speedy, along with the stopwatch animation to signify the speed of the process.

In an industry that can sometimes be seen as cutthroat and results driven, owners Sunil and Gita Popat were keen to emphasise that they were supportive people and understood that individuals who need to sell their homes quickly may be going through difficult times. The tone of the content therefore needed to be such that it conveyed an “arm around the shoulder” as well as a solution to the problem. Words such as “understand”, “transparent” and “non-judgemental” were used, along with reminders that the first step was to have a friendly, informal chat. At the same time, words like “certainty” help give potential customers the reassurance they would need.

Together, we also outlined seven primary groups of people who may need Speedy House Buyers’ assistance, which can be seen under the Who We Help section. As well as helping to address such groups directly, the idea here was to attract people who may be in these situations and searching the internet for a solution.

Speedy House Buyers now has a website that accurately portrays a family-run company that fully empathises with other families, offer them security, support and certainty when selling their home.

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