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Secure A Ship

Secure A Ship approached us for a much-needed redesign, as their old website had been built in the early 2010s, and its age was starting to show. As well as this, as it hadn’t been updated in some time, it didn’t reflect all of the services provided by the company.

Paul came to us with a desire for a visually interesting site, with lots of images and short headlines to draw attention to the main locations he works in: the Indian Ocean and West Africa. One of the key objectives of the new design was to get more enquiries and have potential customers either fill in the contact form or send him a message via WhatsApp. To cater to his needs, we designed the website to let the sections flow from one another seamlessly, with curved shapes dividing them rather than the traditional lines. This opened up the opportunity to create some depth in the design, with elements overlapping and creating semi-3D effects, which can be found on all pages. Subtle entrance animations are also present throughout the site to guide visitors’ attention subtly towards the most important sections: the contact form and the WhatsApp buttons.

Content-wise, as the industry is price-driven, it was important to stress the competitiveness and value of the service Secure A Ship provides, maintaining a friendly yet professional tone throughout.

The end result is a modern, visually appealing website that reflects the Secure A Ship of today and entices people to learn more and enquire.

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