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Sea Salt Property

Sea Salt Property didn’t have established branding directions to follow when we began working with them. Therefore, this gave us the freedom to design a new logo for the company as well as a website – both of which were crafted with the goal of representing Sea Salt as the reliable, knowledgeable seaside property experts that they are.

From a design perspective, there are number of features that function to achieve this goal. Animations, one featuring four seagulls flying over the main banner of the site, another creating a wave effect that flows over the main contact form, create a seaside vibe that carries connotations of luxury living. Alongside this, Sea Salt Property’s professionalism as a company stands out through the use of more regal typography choices that blend nicely with the relaxed feel of the animations.

It was important to accurately depict Sea Salt as a company that you can turn to if you need to sell your house, without mislabelling it as an estate agents. Through content, this was done by enforcing Sea Salt’s authority within the property industry, whilst also highlighting the other services that the company offers aside from just buying people’s homes. The slogan “By the sea, by your side” was carefully chosen to highlight Sea Salt’s values as a company, while reinforcing their status as specialists in the industry.

All in all, the website’s eye-catching and dynamic design immediately encourages the user to navigate the site, while the content accurately gets across Sea Salt’s USPs to its target audience, leaving them in no doubt of who to turn to if they require any of Sea Salt’s specialist property services.

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