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S D Pare

Nationwide flooring contractor S D Pare wanted a new website to bring more attention to the domestic side of the business.

A long-established company, S D Pare had an existing logo and corporate colours, all of which had to be part of the design. In order to identify and differentiate between the residential and domestic side of the business, we used the company branding colours red and blue.

With the company’s services having such a visual impact, imagery was important. The background and some of the graphical elements on the front page are designed to give a subtle feel of high-quality, modern flooring without being too overt or taking attention away from the photos of the work.

A content call with the client revealed that much of the existing text on the website was still relevant, but there was nothing about the residential side of the services, so we researched and wrote this section of the site from scratch. It was also apparent that the previous site had no meta tags or meta descriptions, so we created these to aid the site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and indexability.

The website is now both highly visual and informative, giving a more accurate and up-to-date representation of S D Pare as a business.

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