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Rug Cleaning Studio

The Rug Cleaning Studio is the specialist rug cleaning arm of Rothwell’s Cleaning Services, an established firm based in Cambridgeshire. As the client wanted a direct correlation between this new site and the existing one, we used a similar colour scheme but still made a standalone website that catches the eye through the use of small animations, fonts and a wider range of imagery.

The site was designed to showcase the Studio and the complex, thorough and specialist process involved with cleaning the rugs. The homepage opens with a slider of the major steps involved, as well as a single call-to-action that urges visitors to get in touch. Scrolling down, they are introduced to the process via an animation that shows the four major steps.

We have linked the website with Reviews.io to show the latest reviews from clients, and we feel the most interesting part to build was the “How we clean your rug page”, which walks visitors through the whole process with each step animating in as the viewer scrolls down.

Content-wise, we took care to establish that this was a professional and established company, and that the rug collection and delivery service was an expansion of Rothwell’s existing services, covering new locations like Ipswich and Colchester. Generally, the Studio specialises in high-value rugs costing thousands of pounds, so we needed to draw attention to the care and expertise involved in the cleaning process.

The end result is a smart, modern website for a recognised company seeking to grow a particular branch of its services.

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