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The Referral Team is a Northwich-based business network that delivers leads, support, and quality business relationships, all done in a relaxed, informal way. They came to us looking for a new website which conveyed professionalism and credibility to their online audience.

To achieve this goal, we opted for a modern and professional design that was not only easy on the eye, but highly responsive and user friendly. The site’s interface makes it particularly easy for visitors to navigate the benefits of referral marketing that Referral Team are proud to highlight. This responsive design also allows for a seamless browsing experience across multiple devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones. We’ve also used speech bubbles in the design for section titles. These elements are animated when the user scrolls down the page to grab attention and add an element of fun.

There are a number of clear and promiment calls to action placed across the website, encouraging users to enquire about Referral Team’s services and book tickets to their upcoming networking events. Team members are also showcased on the website, with their areas of expertise and social media links.

Overall, the design of Referral Team’s new website incorporates its brand identity and accurately reflects its friendly, easy-going approach to networking.

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