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Leadenhall Law Group

Leadenhall Law Group was looking to restructure its existing website to make it a more user-friendly experience. With this in mind, we’ve simplified the site and made it easy for visitors to find the relevant information.

In terms of design, we’ve had but have also introduced light whites and brighter shades that were missing from the old website, along with Leadenhall’s branding colours of shades of blue and teal. We have also toned down the animations and have only used them where necessary. The client wanted the website to feel more welcoming but still very professional, which has been achieved with the colour and font combinations. While we’ve reduced the use of images overall they are still featured to set the tone, like the main cityscape image on the top of all pages, making it a very consistent experience to browse.

We’ve incorporated the ReviewSolicitors platform into the website, so all team members have their individual scores shown on the team pages. We’ve also built a filterable team member directory so all team members can be found by name with custom animations and styling. As Leadenhall Law Group has hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot, we have embedded the widget onto the site which shows how many reviews the company got, along with the links to the latest ones.

In the end, the website achieves exactly what it set out to: create a user-friendly and easy to follow experience for people interested in what Leadenhall Law Group has to offer.

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