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Hoole Roof Restoration

Colin at Hoole Roof Restoration previously had a website with another web designer using the domain hooleroofrestoration.co.uk. That designer then got a job, and Colin lost both his website and his .co.uk domain name. This domain was then bought by a Russian importer of fake trainers. This meant that Colin was effectively advertising fake trainers on his van, which advertised the .co.uk domain, and had no way of recovering his site or his domain.

Colin then approached our team at Engage Web to design a new website, and we were able to purchase the domain hooleroofrestoration.com for him. He came to us with an existing logo, which served as a base when deciding on the colour scheme for the new site. Colin wanted a friendly yet professional site that emphasised his love for his craft. This was reflected within the tone and the content itself of the site text.

Design-wise, personal images showing Colin and his team were used to emphasise his passion and to build trust with visitors to the site, which was another important aspect. The drone video used on the home page was edited to quickly yet effectively set the tone for visitors to the site, showcasing some of the services Hoole Roof Restoration provides.

The end result is an attention-grabbing, friendly and easy-to-navigate website that shows off Hoole Roof Restoration and all it has to offer.

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