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GPW Tax and Law

Dealing with the potentially delicate and sensitive subject matter of inheritance planning, it was paramount to create a tasteful website for GPW Tax and Law. However, as a company that prides itself on clarity, GPW was keen to be represented for the straight talking, jargon-free way in which it conducts business.

The site is constructed to reflect the professionalism of the business. This is clear as soon as you enter the site, as you are greeted with a photograph of the GPW team that deal with matters relating to Wills, Trusts, Inheritance Tax and more. Using GPW’s purple company branding colours, the site oozes class and highlights what the company is all about.

In terms of the written content, we worked closely with GPW to ensure that all of the company’s services were tastefully explained. Furthermore, ensuring that these delicate and often complex matters were described in plain English was absolutely necessary. As GPW prides itself on saying it how it is, neglecting any use of industry jargon was crucial for making its services easy to understand for those who have never needed these types of services before.

The end result is a sophisticated website that gets to the bottom of what GPW does best while staying true to the company’s values and principles.

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