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E-learn English with Paul

Paul Dutton is an online English tutor with over 20 years of teaching experience, who came to us looking for a new website to promote his services aimed at international, home-educated and revision students aiming to get the best grades in their secondary English exams.

The E-Learn English with Paul home page uses a predominantly sky blue and white colour scheme, corresponding with Paul’s logo, with green buttons that have connotations of good grades, or simply general success. The design features various stock images of English students which overlap the various sections on the page.

Upon entering the site, the main hero text appears via a typing animation, giving the effect that the text is being typed live. Some of the text on the site, including the short introduction and the names of testimonials, use a cursive font that relates heavily to the subject matter of the website.

From a language perspective, the content of the site doesn’t overcomplicate Paul’s service, instead focusing on his experience as a teacher and the three specific target audiences he aims to help. The words ‘trusted’ and ‘experienced’ are highlighted in the hero section as these are the main qualities that are likely to attract students to choosing his tutoring service over any other.

E-Learn English with Paul, in the end, is a simple-but-effective website that allows users to focus on what really matters to them as they navigate, which is Paul’s services

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