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Darren Jamieson

Traditionally a web developer and marketing expert, Darren was looking for a new site to amplify his public speaking, podcasting and mentoring persona.

“Bold”, “engaging” and “memorable” were targets in mind when we started working on this site. The boldness is achieved not just by the use of vivid and strong colours like the shades of red peppered throughout the site, but via the animations and hover effects. The font was chosen as it remains legible after minor alterations (such as italics, varied letter spacing and different font weights), so is highly adaptable on a visually engaging site.

For engagement, rotation and depth plays a big part. The website is fun to navigate, but still maintains a professional feel through the choice of images and copy. To ensure there is no tonal dissonance here, the main copy lets the eyes rest with a simple-to-read font. There are animations across the site, ranging from minor and subtle elements sliding or fading into view all the way to more complex ones like the hero section providing simple links to Darren’s areas of interest and specialism.

The content on the site has the same focus, using bold and memorable language and metaphors. We chose a third-person perspective when writing (“Darren is…” rather than “I am…”) as it allowed us more scope to describe Darren and how his bullish personality helps the customer, rather than being a diatribe of “I am X” and “I do Y”.

The distinctive layout aids memorability, and it is hoped the custom graphics paired with the bold, energetic titles and taglines will stick with the visitor long after they’ve left the site.

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