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Crisafulli Business Coaching

Jim Crisafulli, a business coach, consultant, advisor and intermediary of over 27 years based in Rhode Island, came to us looking for an improved website which showcased his many services for small business owners aiming to grow the value of their businesses. Therefore, the primary aim from our point of view was to bring Jim’s experience and business acumen to the forefront, both in terms of design and through the website’s content.

From the design aspect, the site maintains a visually interesting appeal in its main banner through the use of animations in the main headline text. Throughout the home page, simple but tasteful animations are deployed to highlight the professionalism that business owners can expect to encounter when working with Crisafulli Business Coaching. Friendly welcoming images, both of Jim himself and stock options, also function to create a friendly, personable vibe, while always maintaining the professional feel.

Informative and engaging written content was a crucial part of achieving what the client was looking for from their website. The home page itself is quite conversational and welcoming in tone, telling the target audience what the client can do for their business. When it came to the service pages, we worked closely with Jim to ensure that each page featured the relevant and detailed information about each of his varied, individual skills as a business professional.

Crisafulli Business Coaching, overall, has a completed website with well-used visual and written qualities to emphasise the quality business services that can be enjoyed to any business owner who reaches out to Jim.

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