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We thoroughly enjoyed working with Helen from Core Social on her brand-new website focusing on her various social media management services. Our websites aren’t always built with a clear design centrepiece. Core Social was not one of these.

When you enter the website, you see a small, leafless tree. As you scroll down the page, the tree gets much larger in stature, growing full of leaves and apples, showing how Core Social’s services can help your business grow to the levels clients are looking for. This animation made plenty of sense in the context of the website, with Core Social favouring organic social media marketing. It also correlates well with Core Social’s logo, which features an apple.

In terms of the website’s written content, there was a particular focus given to the benefits of organic social media marketing. This was the primary USP of the client, so it was important to draw attention to the affordances of these services compared to other forms of paid social media marketing. As well as this, working together with Helen we detailed the process that client’s go through when working with the company. This helps to establish a clear customer journey, which potential clients can follow as they go through the process themselves.

A website which focuses primarily on the idea of growth, we’re sure Core Social’s new site will allow them to help more and more clients grow through social media marketing, while also growing as a company themselves.

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