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Belvedere Recruitment

This was a unique project in that we were building a website for a British business, yet Belvedere Recruitment’s clients are in Poland, so we had to strike a careful balance that put this point across in a relevant and easy-to-understand way.

With the national flag of Poland utilising a shade of red that is distinctive and pleasant on the eye, we decided go with red for the design and emphasise this national connection. We looked at other companies’ websites offering similar services services and decided that illustration should be used in place of the usual and somewhat stereotypical stock photography seen elsewhere. Nonetheless, it was important to retain an upmarket and professional look with the jobs advertised being largely high-end and senior positions, so simple and elegant line drawings were used.

We wanted to draw attention to the big cities of Poland, such as Kraków, Poznań and its capital Warsaw, so these crop up in the content. The wording is also phrased to reach out to senior and high-end position jobseekers without explicitly saying this or limiting the potential audience, and we had to subtly get the client’s level of experience across. The site targets jobseekers, referrers and employers, each of which has its own section (Jobs, Refer and Advertise).

It’s a distinctive site we’re sure would stand out for anyone looking for a site to find a job, advertise a position or refer a candidate.

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