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Available Grants

Available Grants, a research and development (R&D) company based in Warrington, wanted a new website that made it easier for their customers to access their R&D tax relief services.

From a design perspective, we focused on using vivid and warm colours to make the potentially complex topic of R&D-related content seem easier to understand. The layout is minimal, with a generous amount of whitespace that lets the important headings stand out even more. A number of subtle animations have been implemented on the site to draw attention to the customer journey and the company’s unique selling points. Generally, the homepage is short, and does a great job at leading people to the contact page, where interested visitors can get in touch with the company.

From a language and content perspective, our goal was to highlight how simple the process of working with Available Grants is for clients, and drawing attention to the benefits of R&D tax relief. This is done through the use of statistics, which come in the form of a ‘Did You Know?’ section on the home page, as well as the outlined 5-step process of working with Available Grants. By putting in perspective just how easy and fruitful the process can be, the language of the site encourages users to get in contact with Available Grants right away.

The end result is a website that is fairly subtle in design, with an excellent use of space and effective animations, as well as strong copy that draws attention to Available Grants’ unique selling points.

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