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AJL Finance

Having previously designed the website for his company Loans for SMEs, Jamie approached Engage Web to design a brand-new site for AJL Finance.

For the design, the main requirement was to maintain the same look and feel, which presented the challenge of creating a design that fitted the mold of the Loans for SMEs site while still retaining some individuality.

The corporate blue and yellow colours were used consistently throughout the design, along with dashes of white to provide some visual impact. Large, bold images were carefully selected to represent each of AJL’s main services, with colour only showing when a user interacts with the image – encouraging engagement by allowing them to click through on the coloured image.

To emphasise the ease of applying for a loan with AJL Finance, the numbered list of steps was highlighted with bold numbers to highlight the ease of the journey for customers. This ease and simplicity was carried into the content itself, with a friendly, welcoming tone adopted, and a stiff, dry tone avoided at all costs.

The end result is a design that remains in keeping with the Loans for SMEs branding but is eye-catching and bold in its own right.

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