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A1 Eyewear

The team at A1 Eyewear came to us looking for a site promoting not only their top-of-the-range eye catalogue of fashionable and comfortable glasses, but also to showcase their state-of-the-art eyecare methods.

A1 Eyewear wanted to portray an image of luxury – not just via the eyewear they provide, but the entire experience. The design of their new website uses a colour scheme they chose to suit the brand. Subtle animation showing the clarity eyewear can offer is combined with clean-cut blocks of colour with good-quality photography, showing the whole experience of being tested through to selecting eyewear.

Our content team worked closely with A1 to ensure the wording on their site was reflective of the specialised brand image they wished to portray to the company’s audience. This was done with language by drawing equal attention to both the quality of the company’s optician services and the quality of the eyewear for customers to enjoy, which comes from a number of reputable brands across the world.

A1 Eyewear’s new site delivers on the promise of luxury. Not just luxury from the brands of glasses they stock, but a luxurious eyecare service from fully qualified and caring professionals.

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