WordPress 2.8 released yesterday, have you upgraded yet?

Posted on June 12, 2009


The release of a new version of WordPress used to fill us with dread as we run numerous websites on the platform.

Why the feelings of dread and doom? Because when a new version of WordPress comes out you used to have go through every site copying the files across, changing the config file and then uploading the whole lot to the server, before running the upgrade program.

However, those clever people at WordPress saw this was tiresome and installed a one-click upgrade for the whole blog. Now when the dreaded ‘new version available’ link appears at the top of the WordPress dashboard, you don’t have head to WordPress to download it and go through the lengthy process of upgrading all of your websites.

Just click the link, let WordPress do the rest!

Some of the nice features in this latest version of WordPress are a better way of managing your widgets, more control over plugins (including the ability to delete files from the backend) and a much more in-depth theme manager.

The guys at WordPress have done well.

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