Why your company needs professional web copy

Why your company needs professional web copy

Nothing detracts from a business presentation more than shoddy publicity, appearance and products. Work training videos on presentation and marketing techniques often emphasise this point. It is very easy to spot when you are the onlooker, but not so easy when you are the unwitting producer.

Despite the saying “you should not judge a book by the cover” in business that is precisely what happens. Everyone and everything is initially judged upon appearance. Obviously, if subsequently the service or product fails to deliver on its promises, appearance does not count.

Given the sophistication of publishing software available nowadays, many managers make the mistake of thinking that promotional material is easy to create and that anyone can do it. Using in-house employees and saving money on specialised staff to write content for the business website seems attractive, but the results are not. Employees are good at the jobs they are already doing, they are not professional writers and may not be aware of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the techniques required to make it work.

The way forward is to contact a specialised writing service agency with many years of experience and with hundreds of UK copywriters on their books.

Professional SEO writers know how to place keywords and phrases in the web content, copy and blogs that they produce for your site. Search engines will pick them up as they are linked from other web sites and thus your company website will improve its ranking giving wider access to more potential customers.

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