Why you should use SEO during the recession

Why you should use SEO during the recession

The country may be in the grip of an economic recession, with businesses everywhere having to tighten their belts, but that doesn’t mean you should cut back on your Internet marketing. Stopping an SEO campaign will harm your website now and in the future, so when the recession eventually ends and the economy recovers, your website won’t be in a position to capitalise. You’ll then need to start an SEO campaign and wait for the results to kick in, which could take months depending on your industry.

Also, if you don’t SEO your site now you’ll end up further behind your competitors who are SEOing their own websites.

Don’t let your website suffer during the recession, make sure it’s in a position to act once the economy picks up. There are things you can cut back on, but the success of your website isn’t one of them.

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