Why you should never close your comments on blog posts

Why you should never close your comments on blog posts

It’s common practice for website users who publish blogs on their website to close the facility for people to add comments after a certain period of time. It’s done so that old posts aren’t dredged up and commented on, ensuring that discussion on your website focuses on what you want it to be on, not what your visitors find on your site and decide they want to comment on.

For example, you may have written a post two years ago about something that still receives comments today. Your views on what was written may have changed, it may not be relevant anymore or the number of comments may have just gotten out of hand. You wouldn’t want a post like that on your site, attracting comments years after being published, would you?

WRONG! Of course you would. If you have a post on your site that is still visited on a daily basis and is receiving comment after years then you’ve performed an excellent job with your content. That page is being constantly updated by your website visitors, free of charge, letting Google know that it’s important for whatever topic it surrounds. People are finding it, and what’s more they’re finding it interesting. To close the comments on the post would be nonsensical. You’d be restricting the potential of your website to grow, harming that post’s rankings within Google.

Instead of closing comments on posts after so many months or even weeks, look at this old post of yours. See if you’ve covered everything you wanted to cover, or if your opinion has changed. See what phrase people are coming in on from Google and then write a new post linking back to it, using the keyphrase as the anchor text. This will boost your original post’s rankings, getting you even more traffic and comments.

Don’t close comments on posts, embrace them. They’re your key to better search engine rankings.

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