Why you should mention your competitors in your content

Why you should mention your competitors in your content

One thing people often insist upon when adding content and news to their websites is never mentioning their competitors. They don’t want to be seen to promote their competitors, or to talk about them in any way. The reasons for this are obvious and understandable, but not writing about your competitors on your website is a mistake, and here’s why…

If you write about your competitors, in a neutral news worthy way, you’re ensuring that your website and your competitors’ websites are categorised together by Google. Google will see a connection, even if there are no links between you. Then of course, when you write about your competitors you’re going to begin ranking for them!

This is the main reason for writing about your competitors. Imagine how useful it would be when a potential customer or client Google’s your competitor’s name to research them, and finds your website. You could turn that interest into a sale, stealing the custom from under your competitor’s nose.

So don’t blindly say you don’t want any mention of your competitors on your website, write about them and take advantage of their name!

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